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What’s else is there to explore in the Magic City?
February 17, 2006, 10:10 am
Filed under: Birmingham, AL, Ruffner Mountain

A while back I said I’d try to write about some of the cooler things in the city from time to time. Some of them were among the reasons I ended up trying to move here in the first place. One of the reasons that I chose to move to Birmingham was the ability to see a varied terrain again. Growing up, the apartment sat at one of the highest points in the city and had some really cool views of not just the borough, but of the East Side skyline. On a clear day you could see planes taking off and landing at LaGuardia Airport. Living in Savannah was great too. There’s nothing wrong with living fifteen minutes away from the beach and having Spanish moss draping over most of your major roadways (so yeah, I do miss it).

That being said, the opportunity to be able to look out and enjoy views of the area without having to make the climb on a man-made object is pretty good. It’s also great to have an oasis from the real world close by. Luckily, Birmingham has several of those escapes close by, but the closest is Ruffner Mountain. One of the cooler things that’s happened since moving here has been the opportunity to serve on the center’s board. There is nothing more important that the ability to get away from it all. Sometimes it’s nice when you don’t have to get away that far in order to do it.

I am definitely not a wealthy individual, choosing to work in the non-profit realm. I am someone who figures that if I have a blog that is even being remotely read that it provides an opportunity to talk about a resource that may not always be in plain view to most, partially on purpose. There are some great things getting ready to happen up on the mountain, including construction on a new building for exhibits and meeting space and the development of a Friends of Ruffner Mountain group that will look at ways to spread the good words about the mountain and maybe even help us encourage additional donations for the facility. I’ll post when informational meetings will take place when I get more information.

The opportunity to drive less than 10 minutes to Ruffner Mountain gives me a chance to escape a crazy world and at least partially escape the buzz. Hopefully the showers tomorrow won’t keep people from participating in the orienteering class on the mountain. And you can always visit their website to find out some more info as well.

The same question applies as last time… what are some of the things in your city that make it unique? Post a response. Or join the group and start a debate.

That’s all for now. Have fun.


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