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A glimpse of fun things to come in the Magic City this summer

Magic City Art Connection

Here’s an image from this past weekend’s Magic City Art Connection. Or as some of us would call it, the beginning of the “There’s no excuse to say there’s nothing to do for at least 4 months” period of the year here in Birmingham. While the rain kept most people (including myself) away from the festivities on Sunday, it was packed on Saturday. Check out the raven standing in the background of the picture. The skulls inside of it was pretty scary once you got up close.

There seems to be more things planned in the coming months, but there’s one thing I’m particularly looking forward to: watching “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” on a 3-story screen in Linn Park on May 18. This will be the first of several films shown over the summer months in the downtown area. Click here to view the details courtesy of active-culture.info. I’m getting ready to see if I can’t organize a mass meeting out there to enjoy the film that evening. We’ll see what happens. And we’re only 11 days away from the return of Art on the Rocks. Click here to check out its MySpace profile. Yeah, I’m just gonna bust out laughing if I hear anyone say that there’s nothing to do.



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