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Random shots: Pictures from the Taylor Hicks’ return home!

Taylor wavest to fans at 20th and 2nd Avenue North

UPDATE! 5.24.2006 – 9:15 p.m. – Visit http://dresramblings.smugmug.com to view pictures from the American Idol: Season 5 finale viewing party at WorkPlay Theatre benefitting The Studio By The Tracks!

Considering that nothing I write today will be able to compete with the triumphant return of Birmingham’s Taylor Hicks home as he prepares for the semifinals of American Idol, I figured it only made sense that this week’s shots (and there are a few) should focus on one of the most sincere individuals I’ve seen in my time here. The following are shots from the parade held for Hicks this afternoon along the Birmingham Green (20th Street, North) downtown.

05122006 Hicks signing autographs.jpg
Hicks signing autographs near the intersecton of 20th Street and 2nd Avenue North during a parade held this afternoon in his honor.

05122006 Hicks in front of City Hall.jpg

Taylor Hicks thanking those fans that came out in support as he arrived in front of Birmingham City Hall earlier this afternoon.

I have a few more that I will upload to my Flickr account later on this afternoon. We’ll see if we can’t get some more images later on today. Curtis Palmer is planning to take some images at Taylor’s Galleria performance and there’s always Art on the Rocks tonight!



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nice shots… you really covered some ground to get these shots at the parade. I’ve been stuck at home with a sick daughter and around 1pm my teacher wife was sent home from school sick, so no trip to the Galleria. He took the stage at 2pm and the reporters said people started arriving at the mall at 9:30am. Thank goodness for live broadcasting on FOX6!! 🙂

Comment by Curtis Palmer

I really appreciate your sharing the photo’s of Taylor…he’s such a special man! He’s talented, with charisma…and he’s just going to be a mega star! I’ve not been as happy or proud of a singer like Taylor in a LONG time. No matter how many women I speak to about Taylor, we all share the giddy feelings he makes us feel…He’s just a southern gentleman whose humble and has finally come around to all he deserves…He IS our American Idol! Thank you again! SOUL PATROL is here to stay! Whoooooooo!

Atlanta, GA

Comment by MaryJean Childress

Taylor you rock! I voted for at least 62 times a week! YOU SOOOOO deserved to win!! My favorite songs that you sang are probally “something”,”dancing in the dark”, and” take’n it to the street”! I also like your version of “dance to the music” I have it on my mp3 player i downloaded it off of your gray charles site! I am a HUGE fan! I liked you from day one when you sang ” a change is gonna come!! I have a rubber bracelet i got from ebay and it says soul patrol, and Taylor Hicks idol ’06!! it is also gray like your hair! I am 12 years old and I sooooooooo want to meet you! I am going to your american idol concert in minnesota at the excel center!! i am on the balcony row 1 seat 12 look for me LOL!!! later dude! SOUL PATROL

Martha( #1 fan)
U make me proud!

Comment by Martha

Dreams realy do come true!!!!!!
”You make us proud”

Comment by fairys

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