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I’m coming to you LIVE from Vulcan Park this morning…
June 14, 2006, 6:23 am
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These are words that you can say as you watch the big guy up close and personal as he looks over Jones Valley below him. Curtis has convinced me to rise early this morning and join the TechWalk planning committee meeting, which by the way is about was just interrupted by Fox 6’s own Jeh Jeh Preuitt. Click here to view the footage. We’re demonstrating the flexibility that a wireless connection provides people with regard to holding meetings, enjoying social activities and just hanging out. Seems like a long time ago there would not have been such a big deal.

How about Linn Park and wanting to send an e-mail during City Stages…

While this may not be the first thing that you think of when visiting the park located between Birmingham’s City Hall and the Jefferson County Courthouse, it may soon top the list of thoughts among those with laptops and other electronic devices that are wifi enabled. TechBirmingham reports on their website that Southern LINC has enabled the park for wireless service just in time for this weekend’s City Stages festival. Surfing while eating lunch or buying produce may seem a little extreme; however my recent trip out of town has shown me that the web has become an extremely useful tool that will be used whenever available. It seems that we spend a great deal of time socializing or connecting through the internet. This is much different than what we thought years ago; when the thought was that the internet would kill social networking as we know it. MySpace has already become one of the tools of choice here in town. I’m just wondering what the possibilities are as we expand our use of this technology. Any ideas?



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Wi-fi at City Stages is a joke, since the festival doesn’t allow backpacks.

Then again, a lot of things about the festival are pretty funny, like charity auctions with no bids and events on an empty stage.

Comment by Wade

Twas fun to have a functional business meeting that early in the morning. No better way to start off the day… ;]

Comment by Daniel

I’m excited about any wireless access anywhere other than my house… I like being able to check in between meetings and I find myself seeking out nearby spots that I can do it.

However… I am disappointed that all wireless connectivity is not free. You must have a T Mobile account at Starbucks and the Homewood library allows me to receive but not send email because of different providers… not a perferct world… but I am looking forward to it getting better.

Comment by Joy

WiFi in many many places around Birmngham is FREE. See ww.BhamWiFi.com and note the huge number of green “free” symbols next to the hotspots. Birmingham (as in within the City limits) ranks in the TOP 20 of all cities across the USA for free hotspots according to AnchorFree (search http://www.AnchorFree.com for any city).

Comment by Curtis Palmer

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