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Random Shots: Sunflowers in the city


This sunflower is enjoying the good life. It’s growing across the street from the site of phase 2 of the Park Place development in the city center. Come this Sunday (July 15th), it will be hanging out inside someone’s home. That’s when Jones Valley Urban Farm is hosting its First Annual Sunflower Harvest Block Party at the Gardens of Park Place. Click here to view JVUF’s homepage to see additional information about the park and the event.

In case you can’t wait until Sunday to enjoy yourselves, we’ll start listing some events going on throughout the week. Apparently Steak Verhoeven are presenting a 1970s American Film Retrospective at Rojo beginning tonight at 7 p.m. and admission is FREE. Check out some of your favorite films from the 70s (or at least those that you enjoy that you know were made in the 70s). Click here to view a PDF providing some background as to why they’re doing it. In case you don’t want to read all that, here’s the list of movies (and thanks to Arik Sokol for the heads up:

Date, Movie, Year Released, Director

July 11: McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971) Robert Altman
July 18: Scarecrow (1973) Jerry Schatzberg
July 25: Means Streets (1973) Martin Scorcese
August 1: Electra Glide in Blue (1973) James William Guercio
August 8: The Phantom of the Paradise (1974) Brian De Palma
August 15: Shampoo (1975) Hal Ashby
August 22: Network (1976) Sidney Lumet
August 29: Jaws (1975) Steven Spielberg

There’s more going on. Check out the activeculture.info link to the right to see some of the options.

Enjoy the day.



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Nice shot. I need beautiful scenery to create little towns/villages in my writing.

Comment by Debby

FYI: I updated the big summer movie calendar to add in this new series.

Comment by Wade

Great sunflower painting! A few friends and I are creating a great site on the web devoted to sunflower lovers. Feel free to post your pictures in our gallery with information for where our readers can go to view them. The Gallery may not be working for a week or two, but the forums are working and you can share pictures there and then again on the gallery in a couple weeks. Check us out at http://www.sunflowerocity.com If you like our Sunflower lovers site please add a link to the site on your blog. Below is text to add for the link description or use your own.

Rosemary Trujillo Rosemary.Trujillo@SunflowerOcity.com

“The Ultimate Sunflower Site with everything sunflower from gardening forums to crafts, décor, history, information, fun stuff and

Comment by rosemary trujillo

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