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Neon in B’ham: Sweet rolls and memories


The neon at Bogue’s has recently started glowing again after being repaired (it still does not glow at night though, leading to this image). The restaurant has been serving Birmingham since 1938. Despite several ownership changes in recent years, they still serve their “world famous” sweet rolls. We here at the Ramblings site are not sure if this link is to the current site for the restaurant or not, however it does state that the establishment was going to attempt to open for 24 hours beginning this fall, certainly making it a more popular spot in the city than it is even now. Any assistance in confirming or denying this would be appreciated. Click here to view the other signs posted so far in the series. Send an e-mail if you have any ideas for signs that need to be included.

This weekend’s posts

The goal has been set

I’m going to attempt to use the Race for the Cure event as a goal for returning to the world of running in October. Click here for more information and to register. It may be extremely premature but I am getting tired of walking with a cane (no matter how cool everyone thinks it looks). We’ll see what happens.

Enjoy the day.



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My grandfather owned this restaurant for 50 years and retired about 3 years ago…

Comment by Max

He also has a day named after him which is on March 6th declared by Bob Riley. The day is known as Andy Straynar Day.

Comment by Max

Well it was WLS, Wallace, Lawrence, and Straynar. I’m pretty sure they bought it from Mr. Bogues (not sure when though). Mr. Lawrence and my grandfather Mr. Straynar bought out Mr. Wallace, then Mr. Straynar bought out Mr. Lawrence. Then a few years ago my father bought it from my grandfather. Shortly after that my father sold it to some people from Scottsdale, AZ.

Comment by Aaron

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