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Neon in B’ham: A Guiding Light


Scaffolding has already been erected around Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. We’ve definitely talked about this historic landmark on a few occasions here at the Ramblings. Click on this link to scroll back and see some of the entries.

I have not actively checked to see if the current revitalization plans for the church include restoring their neon sign or not. But any work done to preserve this symbol of the civil rights movement not just in Alabama, but the United States is appreciated by all that know of its story.

As always you may click here to view the Neon in Birmingham page and here to view the photo gallery set up for the series.

Enjoy the day.



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Hey Dre.

I literally stumbled onto your site and was shocked when I read your background. It was so similiar to mine. We must have been neighbors growing up in the Bronx. I grew up in 2315 University Ave, literally 2 doors down from the grammer school that we both attended St. Nicholas of Tolentine…I am sure you remember Sr. Kenneth and Ms. Moffa and the great school that it was back in the day. I am a few years older than you (38). Like yourself I went onto Mt.St Michael Academy in the Bronx (class of 86). How could anyone forget Mr. Murphy, Mr. T, Mr. Del Guidice and the rest of the other Mounties that attended that great school. After H.S. I went onto Hunter College and then served 8 years in the NYPD. Ironically enough policing the old neighborhood of Fordham Rd. and University Ave. as a cop in the 46 precint. I left the job in 2002 with an injury and I started my own internet company. I knew absolutely nothing about computers or even email. I have to admit I went in blind. Ultimately my ignornace (without and preconceived limitations) and hard work paid off. I now have a successful internet company that manufactures and markets products, provides fulfillment, we build website infrastructures for ecommerce companies (www.OrderDynamics.com) I even have started to develop a social network that is in it’s infancy stage called ww.Bloggcast.com I am doing over 40 million a year in business and it’s growing. Dre I didn’t write to you to promote myself or laud myself with accolades I just found myself attracted to your words because I feel like I know you in a kinship sort of way. Not too many people know what it’s like to grow up in the Bronx without much and making it happen. Your message that not too many people love what they do but that you are one of those fortunate few who have hit me hard. I can completely relate to that. It’s 3:54 AM and I feel good going to bed having written this message to you. Why? You struck a chord in me that brought me back to the great times in my life both on University Ave during those warm summer nights playing tag with my friends, hanging in Devoe Park, and even hustling to jump on the 12 bus during the HS years, and trying to hook up to the 16 bus on Valentine Ave. I know you can identify with that. For me you brought me back in time just because you mentioned your background. I thank you for that and I wish you the very best in all that you do and I am sure you will continue to be one of those shining Bronx people for life!

Comment by Danny

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