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The Week in Preview (or what to do if you aren’t trying out for American Idol next week)

UPDATE 8:30 a.m.: Those looking for an update on Torme’s from this morning, click here. Now, your regularly scheduled post. . .


20060720_warondumb.jpgYou may feel like waiting by your computer to see what the state’s Democratic Party decides in the contesting of the District 54 race between Patricia Todd and Gaynell Hendricks. The hope is that the issue will be over after the ruling. The feeling is that it may not be over for some time afterwards. But then again, there are many that may not want to hear what happens (voter turnout was quite low you know). The hearing began at 9 a.m., CDT in Montgomery.


This is simple: if you haven’t been downtown for the Park Place Farmers’ Market this year, go today. It’s that simple.


Apparently you have two options if you want to watch a movie tonight.

image1.jpgSidewalk will be hosting its annual Members Only event this evening at WorkPlay. This year there will be a reception with a screening of Dreamland, a film starring John Corbett and produced by our own Hunter Films. The reception starts at 5 p.m., with the movie starting at 7 p.m. Those of us that are not members can join the organization at the door (save time by filling out this handy, dandy membership form) and get in on the fun. You could also stay and watch Corbett and his band play after the movie ($10 in advance, $13 at the door) or…

200px-raising_arizona_cover.jpgYou can hang out with the rest of us out in Linn Park for Movies by Moonlight and still get a chance to see a Sidewalk short! This month’s film is Raising Arizona. Click here to view the official MySpace profile for event information as well as a chance to hear a track by this month’s pre-film entertainment, Act of Congress. The film will most likely start around 8 p.m. There will be more information available this month courtesy of the local neighborhood association about businesses are available in the City Center.


toby-myspace.jpgAfter you’ve recovered from either (or both) movies, you may feel like braving the ever growing crowds over at the Birmingham Museum of Art for Art on the Rocks. This month’s theme is Chinese art and food. This month’s performance in the sculpture garden will be by Toby Lightman. The highlighted exhibit for this month’s event is one featuring textiles from southwest China. Click here for more information about the event, including links to tickets. The fun starts at 5:30 (a great time to arrive if you want to move around before the crowds arrive). You could also go over to Homewood Park and check out the screening of Ice Age 2 starting at sundown. Well, I don’t want to hear anything if I see you out there instead of the museum.



If I didn’t link to this story again, you’d think I was a little crazy now, wouldn’t you. Bets and I already have tickets to see Hootie at Verizon Wireless (mark it up to living on the coast for a few years), but we’re finding a way to get to the Birmingham Sound release party. After getting this report from my friend Sarah, there’s no way I’m missing it now. The Birmingham Sound release party is at Bottletree starting at 9 p.m. Hopefully we’ll see you there. And to everyone visiting from Chicago, enjoy the Magic City. Maybe I’ll post some more entries on that comparison series before then.


P.S. Some time yesterday, this current version of the site reached 10,000 hits. Thanks for reading!


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hey, Dre! got this on a Tag Surfer.

Comment by neath

Thanks for the add to your blogroll. I’m about to add one back to mine. It’s a great site. I haven’t been to Montreal since just before college, so I know I’m due for a visit soon. Cheers.

Comment by dresramblings

I’m hoping that the D54 case is open and shut.

Comment by 3choBoomer

[…] The local blogosphere is abuzz with tons of fresh new info on the case. […]

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