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A glimpse at a blogger’s hometown

It was definitely a much-needed trip home this past weekend. During the course of the next few days we’ll take a glimpse at the trip during the afternoon posts. I figured the best way to get back into this was by posting an image and having you guess where it is:


The answer’s on the other side of the jump…

I figured what better way to post today than to give you a taste of my old neighborhood. It may give some a better understanding as to where I’m coming from in terms of the job that I currently do. This neighborhood, as many are, is in a constant state of flux, providing glimpses into just how long a New York minute takes. For the record, the name of the neighborhood I grew up in was University Heights (we had a lot of universities and schools nearby… still do). You’ll also learn just what this building is.


Anyway, this Target is located in the Bronx, with easy access from Manhattan by train (#1) or by car. The store is at least two stories and part of a larger development that is pictured below:


This is a recent addition to the shopping options available for New Yorkers in general and Bronx residents in particular. For many in the Bronx, this view is typical:


This is an image of Fordham Road, considered one of the most important shopping districts in New York City. It’s also a stone’s throw away from where I grew up.


Fordham Hill was completed and first occupied in 1946, with many of their first residents being new couples looking to start a new life shortly after World War II. The nine building complex was built on the former site of the Webb Naval Architecture Academy. The buildings were named for counties in England (I grew up in the Eaton Building).


The concept was for the complex to become self sufficient, with markets and other essential resources available in the complex. You have to imagine the low wood fence that once lined the sidewalks when I was younger (they were removed for maintenance reasons). It also gave those that lived there a simple escape from the day to day life outside of the buildings.

Green space was extremely close by, as seen in this aerial view of Devoe Park taken from my parents’ bedroom.


And for anyone that wonders how I was able to get an interest in architecture and history, take a look at this building:


This is the home of the second largest parish in the Archdiosese of New York, and the church associated with the Catholic elementary school I attended. St. Nicholas of Tolentine also had a high school associated with it as well. This is where I realized that basketball was not in the cards, especially when you had guys like Reese, Autry and Sealy playing against you and leaving you on the asphalt as they achieved status as NBA shot callers.

Ten minutes walking from the train station didn’t hurt either. Here’s a view of a rare site during daytime hours; Fordham Road westward with little traffic.


I think this may provide others with the reasons why I always have high hopes for the city I’ve chosen to live in. There are parts of this city that are just as great that only need to be exposed to the general public.

Any thoughts? I’ll talk to you later on this evening,



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I love this publishing. I grew up on Davidson Ave. St. Nicholas was the church where I did my communion and attended every sunday for most of my childhood. It’s wonderful to see this section of Fordham on the web. My kids recognized the neighborhood right away. Thanks for putting out these pics.

Mama from Da Boogie Down

Comment by Adriane Balleste

Hi Adriane, I lived on Davidson Avenue too, 2490. Went to St. Nicks along with my 5 siblings. It’s been so long and these pictures are so wonderfully sentimental to me too.

Comment by Ronni

Wonderful pictures!! I grew up on 188st., which is right across the street from Devoe Park. I attended St. Nicholas of Tolentine Elementary so of course, these views bring back memories.


Comment by Richard

Tolentine Elementary and high school and played in Devoe Park as a kid. I also remember climbing the rocks a long the Aqueduct. I lived on Fordham Road and Grand Avenue. I remember Webers bake shop, the stores and all the Movie Houses. Best Regards

Comment by Eric

We lived in Fordham Hill in the mid-to-late 1960s. And I’ve never found a cheesecake as good as the ones from Weber’s Bakery…and those black-and-white cookies, too. Thanks from bringing back some of my best memories!!

Comment by Dan

I have great memories of visiting my grandparents at Fordham Hill in the ’70s. My Mom attended Tolentine & Fordham U. I remember being 6 years old and sent off on my own to pick up items from the local market. I know the Bronx has gone through a lot of changes. What’s the neighborhood like these days?

Comment by pw

I grew up on Evelyn Place (a block north of 183rd) off the Aqueduct, went to Tolentine, played on the rocks along the aqueduct. Went to Weber’s after 9:00 Mass and brought home the rolls and chocolate cookies (with the chips on the outside and granulated sugar on top). Played in University Heights Little League and since Tolentine did not sponsor a little league football team, I played for Our Lady of Mercy (Valentine Ave) up at Harris Field. Simple and great times

Comment by Tom

I grew up on Fordham & Cedar and went to Tolentine! #BX4eva

Comment by Shach

Just looked at your site…I remember you from Fordham…Salute!

Comment by Shach

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