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Neon in B’ham: This joint is jumping!


It is not quite a nighttime shot of the historic Carver Theatre, but it does give an idea of just how majestic its facade is and how dominant a feature it is in the 4th Avenue historic district. As mentioned in its Bham Wiki listing, it is currently the home of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. It’s located at 1631 4th Avenue North and is an excellent example of the Art Deco style still standing in the Magic City. It has seen extensive use in recent years, with this past weekend providing a good example of its extremes. It hosted films as part of the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, served as a landmark for the annual Taste of 4th Avenue Jazz Festival. It had also served one of its standing purposes, home to Onstage at the Carver, an open mic poetry night held the 3rd Sunday of the month in the historic theater. And admission is free (for this event).

Take a trip down there and take a closer look at this important piece of African American history, just around the corner. If you time it right, you may be able to learn a dance step or two as well. It is an excellent example of the beginnings of one of the entertainment districts that was eluded to in this morning’s post.

Click here to view the entire Neon in Birmingham series. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the Ramblings via e-mail (acnatta[at]gmail[dot]com).



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Leah tucker has told me the jazz hall of fame may soon be more fancy codos. Go progress!!

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