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What’s your opinion of the State of the City?

Yesterday Mayor Bernard Kincaid gave his annual State of the City address during a meeting of the downtown Kiwanis Club in Birmingham, Alabama’s city center.

Here’s the link to the speech, complete with additional information and graphs:


Here’s the story about the mayor’s speech that was published in this morning’s Birmingham News:

Kincaid stresses BJCC expansion, The Birmingham News, 1.10.2007

One question today:

What do you think?

I know a lot of you have opinions, here’s a great opportunity to share them.

Enjoy the day.



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Well, I try to stay out of politics but, please don’t sing a song. If you are voted by the people, please don’t sing. Most people can’t sing on American Idol and yet they are voted by the people. And to say the city is good…. If I worked just “good”, I would not be were I am today. Please put a little more effort into the city and maybe good can become great.
Peace, Love, and chicken grease!

Comment by The BrownMan

My impression of the state of the city is “precarious”. The city has been dealt a weak hand by modern history and seems to lack any sort of savvy or effectiveness in its leadership that might enable it to prosper. For the mayor to use this address to nitpick about statistics and to offer such weak or retrogressive initiatives as “Get Healthy Birmingham”, reduced police training, reduced education funding, and basic litter removal as the way forward is distressing.

Comment by Dystopos

How many times do we have to hear the same speech? Until someone steps up and kicks this city’s leadership in the ass (either to get them motivated or boot them to the street), then all we will continue to hear are the same empty promises and plans we have heard for years. I hate to say it but it appears we may be in for another year of no leadership in what has become “The City Where Dreams Go To Die”!

Comment by JSDIII

For a true state of the region, wait until the Chamber’s event this Friday. A capacity crowd of 400 people are expected. Andre, hope you can live blog it for the rest of us.

Comment by Curtis

When the next election comes he WILL be gone.

Comment by tyrone

oh dear lord. can you impeach a mayor? because i would totally spend all of my free time tying him to risque’ actions just to send him packing.

Comment by pretty helmet

A more important question is: What will each of you do to improve Birmingham this month, this year, this decade?

Depending on the mayor, competent or otherwise, is dependency at its worst.

Comment by Wade

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