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A downtown Birmingham gallery closes and the MOB returns

January is always a time of new beginnings and endings. Keeping that in mind, a couple of quick shots as we start what some would consider a short work week here at the Ramblings.

Gallery 2306 closed

Driving down 2nd Avenue North this weekend, I noticed that the Gallery 2306 storefront looked like many of its pieces were out of the window.

Gallery 2306 storefront Monday afternoon

A closer look revealed a “For Lease” sign. The owner of the business came to the door and told me that in fact they were closed for business. He said that sales during the holiday season were not quite what they expected and that they were closing before it got any worse. I hope that they eventually update the website to inform others of their decision.

Those that still have artwork at the gallery should call 908.8528. The same number is also suggested if you have any additional questions about the closing.

The MOB met last night…

MOB meaning Media of Birmingham that is, at Surin West in Five Points South. The group, founded in 2003 by Christina Tutor, Vivi Abrams, Kyle Whitmire and Wade Kwon, “serves as a networking and social club for media and advertising professionals in Birmingham, Alabama”.

The scene at Surin West during the MOB social for January

For the record, I was listed as being a freelancer on my name badge at last night’s meeting. I would say that’s a fair assessment of my situation right now. I’d guess that 14-16 people came out for this month’s meeting, my first. I’m also sure that Wade will correct my numbers at some point this morning. Those wanting additional information about the group, visit their about us page by clicking here.

A recap of the weekend including vandals and wondering

For those that decided to take it easy and not read (and quite frankly, I couldn’t blame you, it was beautiful out there), here are links to this weekend’s posts:

Vandals are starting to mess with Vulcan… what gives?
Remembering Dr. King and the future of the dream in 2007
Live (on tape) from the 2007 State of the Region for Birmingham, AL

As always, share comments if you’ve got ’em.

Enjoy the day (or at least stay warm).



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I’ve been planning to go by 2306 to get a few things framed.

What a bummer to hear it’s not working out for them. I was so glad it was there.

And a bummer, too, to see that we totally forgot about the MOB meeting. We needed a last-minute Evite reminder, apparently… Dang.

Comment by susannah

Thanks, Dre. An update will be posted to the MOB page soon (as soon as my @#$# computer is up and running).

Oh, Susannah, don’t you cry for MOB. Third Monday of every month, so mark your calendar for Feb. 19.

Comment by Wade

I have pieces at this gallery and have not been updated on this closing. I need my work back asap! Please get in touch with me immediately! payneting@yahoo.com or 912.713.9971

Comment by Jesse Payne

We are wondrously produced with wonderful healing

Comment by Lee

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