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The Radio Carousel: “The Vulcan” gets a Program Director

There have been many people, myself included, that wondered if our new rock station would ever have actual people manning the station. Initial announcements on “The Vulcan” stated that on-air talent would begin shortly after the 1st of the year. Now, something may have changed in the last few days, but a check of the station before I left for DC let me know that it was still unmanned.

Jimbo Wood - courtesy of rocket951.comAccording to FMQB.com, an industry site for radio professionals, the first steps have been taken to finally address the issue. Jimbo Wood from WRTT in Huntsville has been announced as the program director for 105.5 beginning February 7. Wood had been with Rocket 95.1 for seven years as their PD. According to his bio this would be a return home to Birmingham, Alabama for Wood where he got his start in Birmingham working for WERC-AM and getting on the air in 1979 for WKXX-FM. He’s also worked in Montgomery, New Orleans, Memphis and San Jose and lived in the Bahamas.

Welcome home! Things may be starting to settle down, at least a little. I’d be interested in those from Huntsville that normally listen to Rocket 95.1 commenting and letting some of us know what to expect.

That’s all for now. I’m finishing up reviewing for the first of two tests this week up here; by the time this actually posts I should be at that frustrated phase of the exam 🙂 It is three hours long after all. It’s about 6:39 a.m. local time, and this is the last real break before the exam.

Enjoy the day,



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Probably too late for the first one but good luck on your tests.

Having a hard time listening to the Vulcan – every time I’ve turned it on there’s just nothing interesting on. Maybe a new PD will add a jolt.

Comment by Ellen

You missed another organization that Jimbo used to be with.
The Birmingham Jaycees!

Comment by Lee

Interesting I used to listen to the Jimbo Woods show on KIXX 106 in the mid-80’s… Dang.. I got some problems.. I’m up here in DC too.. Take care..

Comment by jason

Jimbo is the best thing to happen to the station. He is a real pro who has been around a while and not some pizza-faced punk who will be here today, gone (and forgotten) tomorrow.

Comment by Barner

Just having a flashback, and Bobby Smiles was in it. Loved him. Wish I could hear from him.

Comment by erin

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