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A new website you say… very soon actually
March 9, 2007, 11:00 am
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Things have definitely been shaking up around here the past few weeks. We’ve found a new place to live and job changes are upon us. For those of you that don’t already know, I am resigning my job at Main Street Birmingham effective March 22. There is a method to my madness…

For many months now, I’ve been writing about things on this site that affect the entire city and the region. I’ve also realized that there are a lot of people that need to be aware of what’s going on around here, whether it’s the good stuff or some really interesting constructive views on major issues. So while I’ll still write about my feelings here, I figured it was time to finally “hang a shingle outside the door” (as one of my long time mentors always loves to say) and get busy doing something.

The result will be a website focused on Birmingham. It will be some of what you’d expect and a lot of what you probably wouldn’t. I’d try to explain it some more here, but the best way to do it will be in person (at least for the time being). So…

I’m going to be hanging out at Metro Bistro tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon around 2 p.m. to hold an informal interest meeting for those that may in interested in writing for a new “online hub”. Come on out if you can and I can tell you what I’m thinking about doing, if it’s a crazy idea or not, and if you’d be interested in lending whatever talents are at your disposal to help launch this thing. It is my hope that the site will be “ready” for a real launch by the end of May, though information would be up well before then. If you’re not able to come out tomorrow, you can always send a note to acnatta@gmail.com or you can share your thoughts on my insanity in the comments section below.

Hopefully we’ll see you there tomorrow. We’ll be getting back to the land of the Ramblings fairly soon. But first, some more painting of the new loft (with pics to follow soon).

Enjoy the day!



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we need pix.
we need pix…
give us pix!!!!!

Comment by curtis

Congratulations! Best of luck with the new venture. And let us know what that new website is!

Comment by Elaine

Sorry I missed it! Hope it went well. If I had known about this earlier and if I didn’t have a full time job already I would have loved to come down and visited!

Comment by c.a. Marks

[…] reasons for it, some of which have been mentioned in recent posts. The main reason is because of the suggested announcement that I made a few weeks ago that I was preparing to start a new website focused on Birmingham, […]

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