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Neon in Birmingham: I’m bringing neon back, (yeah)

Pardon the cheese, it was on a bet from a few months back. I figured the safest way to begin a renaissance at the Ramblings (at least this version) is by restarting the Neon in Birmingham series. For those new to the game, we take images of all of the neon signs located in Birmingham, AL proper. Why? Just because…

SAS neon sign

This is one of the newer signs here in town. It belongs to the new offices for Sims Architectural Studio. The office was formerly located on 20th Street in the city center. Now they’re enjoying digs in what’s becoming another design district for the city along 2nd Avenue South.

The official homepage for the series has moved to the (soon to be) new home for Dre’s Ramblings. You can always check out the Flickr set for the series and visit the Magic City Flickr Group’s set for more images.



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Hey, I read your blog about Birmingham’s Neon signs. I recently have started “collecting” those signs before they are all gone. Bu collecting, I mean taking pictures. I noticed you had a few on your site that I have hunted down myself. You have missed to great examples though . . . The Arby’s sign on Valley Ave. and the Bama Motel sign on 1st ave N. Also, you may or may not know about the Barber’s Ice Cream Sign and clock that used to be on the roof of Bell Bottom’s in Five Points South. A hurricane knocked it down and they have no plans of putting it back. Most of Birmingham’s classic neon signs are gone forever, like the Krispy Kreme sign or the Kelly’s Hamburbgers sign or even the old Dilly’s sign that stood behind Eastwood mall… it was just recently knocked down. I have pictures of most of these that I have taken myself or hunted down on the internet . . . I have some great pictures of 3rd Ave North in the 50’s when it was covered with neon. There is a great site you can go to at http://www.birminghamrewound.com to find more about the signs. I think there is a very old neone sign on 3rd Ave West for the Towne Motel but I haven’t made it out that far to look for it. Just email me if you want more info or to see the pics.

Comment by Keith

I actually knew about all of those signs. The Barber sign was actually taken down as part of a renovation of the building and it is stored; there has been some discussion of a return of the sign, but it has fizzled recently. I was trying to post signs that were unique to Birmingham; that’s why the chain signs have never made the list. Plus, having only lived here full time for three years, it makes it.

I also have a shot of the In Town Motel sign on 3rd West. Just waiting for a chance to post it. 🙂

Thanks for the comments!

Comment by Dre

Sorry, Just thought you may have not known about those things. I’ll keep them to myself next time. LOL

Comment by Keith

Thanks for bringing Neon back. Neon signs are the best, it’s like a bright star in the sky. Except it’s just an advertisement, but still a pretty one.

Comment by Bend it like Birmingham


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