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We’re test driving The Terminal (kind of)

Things have been pretty quiet over the last several weeks here at the blog. There are a few reasons for it, some of which have been mentioned in recent posts. The main reason is because of the suggested announcement that I made a few weeks ago that I was preparing to start a new website focused on Birmingham, Alabama.

The result is an extremely (and I do mean extremely) beta version of The Terminal. I’ve written a lot of stuff about things going on in town in the past few days and am beginning to repost and edit some of the posts from this site to give an idea of the types of items that The Terminal will be covering. This is far from a finished, launchable product, but I figured since many of you may feel the urge to visit the new site often after all of the bugs have been worked out, that you’d be the perfect beta group.

At some point in the next few days we’ll post all of the references as to what is exactly being used on the site, including the logo. In the meantime, I’d ask for some realistic critique of the site. I’d ask that you e-mail me your thoughts on it and the types of things and stories that you’d like to see covered to the following e-mail address:


I’ll get it, and unlike previous attempts to reach me, I’ll actually have time to answer. This is more of a labor of love than anything else; something that will talk about the good and the bad of Birmingham, but in a way that deals with solutions (or at least invites solutions) instead of pointing fingers all of the time. Comment on the posts that are already up there and bookmark the site if you feel like it. Or tell me why it’s not even in the top 100 sites you’d like to visit. There will eventually be ads on the site as well, so speak up about who you’d like to see up here. I’ll also be letting you know of some of the sites features in the coming weeks as they become operational (though some of them already are; I’d like to test drive them a bit more on my own first before turning y’all loose on them).

I think that I can finally promise an update (and a resulting flurry of posts) in the coming days about all of the recent events in the life of yours truly. Try not to get washed away too much and I’ll see you on the other side.

Enjoy the day,



The Ticker: One last look back at ’06, a challenge from an official and decision time for park supporters

Happy New Year to those that have taken the last few days to relax and enjoy yourselves. Here are a few links to some of the posts made in the last week, including a look back at the year that was and a look towards this one:

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You may also notice as you pass over the links contained within posts throughout the blog that a small screen is beginning to pop up. Dre’s Ramblings is one of the beta testing sites for a new feature being offered by WordPress.com called Snap Preview Anywhere, or SPA. It’s a service of one of the newer search engine services, Snap.com. If any of you have any opinions or comments about what you think about it, please let me know so I can pass it on to the support team.

Thanks; now a short list today:

Robinson’s comments may lead to action

State legislator Oliver Robinson’s comments are bound to rub some of Birmingham’s Black community the wrong way when they are read this morning.

Blacks must act to emancipate selves, legislator says, The Birmingham News, 1.2.2007

Either that or there will be an voice that raises up in agreement with them, though many will not be sure just how to solve the issue of supporting local businesses. The issue exists with small businesses in general, when individuals are not quite sure what is available in their own back yard. Perhaps the words spoken by Robinson and others will lead to a longer discussion and solutions.

What to do now about the parks projects?

A recent decision by our national legislators threaten the future of several parkland projects throughout the state.

Earmark plan harms parks, The Birmingham News, 1.2.2007

There were many that were counting on the money for acquisition costs, most notably Red Mountain Park (talked about here). This recent wrinkle in plans and hopes for planners may finally weigh the true public sentiment for the park. It could provide a chance for the community to demonstrate its desire to have this facility constructed for them as its primary purpose instead of focusing on rankings among other cities per capita. The development of all three major park projects should be first and foremost for the betterment of its citizens. Hopefully, that will drive the future of the projects instead of prestige, especially when you consider the size of parks that serve similar purposes in larger cities.