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City Stages 2007 – Day Two

Right place, right time

Dr. John

I’d heard Dr. John’s songs. I’d seen Earth Wind & Fire play several times at City Stages. So I gave into curiosity and ventured over to what has long been known as the singer-songwriter stage, and I was not disappointed.

It was a great performance and I’m glad I got there early. When I say I got there early, I ended up catching the tail end of Marcia Ball’s performance as well. Both of them were incredible. I did venture elsewhere in the festival grounds but I also checked out Icon over at The Tutwiler Hotel.

The crowds were a bit lighter in the afternoon, but it seemed like everyone that was going to come out did after the sun went down. The Birmingham News is reporting that festival organizers think they can break even based on Friday’s numbers. Friday was quite steady, but not crowded, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens based on last night and today.

I think that day 3 will be the “tipping point” and a test to see what can happen in the future. A return of a gospel stage with top flight acts is great, as is the idea of (maybe coincidence?) booking several bands considered to be Christian alternative throughout the stages today. It will be interesting to see what the numbers reveal afterwards.

Today Betsy performs with the Birmingham Community Mass Choir as part of the festivities. She’s looking forward to it. I’m wondering how fast I’ll fall asleep when I finally head on home later on today.

Cheers, and Happy Father’s Day!


YP Update: Time to go to “Cool School”

One of the suggestions of the COOL Community Task Force of the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce was to create a Cool School as a way to provide human resources professionals with additional reasons for young professionals to relocate to (or stay in) Birmingham, Alabama for their next job. This will become more important according those studying the future of our workforce, including this paper written by Rebecca Ryan of Next Generation Consulting.

The first Cool School event will be held tomorrow evening (2.20.2007) at WorkPlay  beginning at 5 p.m. The focus of this first meeting will be Birmingham’s music and entertainment industries with a focus on how this information can be leveraged to attract talent. Attendees will also be able to pick up a copy of Birmingham’s “brag book” – a visual ranking of what the chamber says are “…the region’s hottest selling commodities for the young and young at heart.”

The event will be moderated by Malena Cunningham with an industry panel that includes Alan Hunter and Antonio Minnifield and the owners of the Bottletree Cafe. Click here to view the flyer to find out more details.

A few more updates throughout the day.


The Radio Carousel: Latino station hits Birmingham airwaves again

The People’s Station logo“Oye Como Va” on “The People’s Station”? It appears to have been the case for several days, at least since January 29, as WPSB 1320 AM has decided to change formats again and see if one serving the city’s Latino community can survive on the Magic City’s airwaves again. The station will be providing music, news and information in Spanish. Due to the powering down of the frequency at night, it is not known if they will attempt to broadcast 24 hours a day or not as of yet.

The station has served a similar demographic before; in 2002 as “La Favorita”, the station geared its programming to serve the growing Mexican community in Birmingham, Alabama. The format was short lived as it switched one year later to being the AM simulcast for country music station WZZK. It had only been operating under its current talk format for the past year, something that could make people wonder just how long this format change will last.

It does however fill a need in the community, one that has seen several changes in recent months and one that may see many more as terrestrial radio continues to make adjustments across the country. It will be interesting to see how a community that has not been extremely vocal about a lack of representation on either side of the radio dial will receive this new format.

Click here to learn the history of the frequency in question. I’d also check back here (UPDATE: 2/9/2007 the website is currently down) every once in a while as the station’s website is sure to undergo changes in the near future to reflect the change in format.

Enjoy the day!