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Murphy’s law rears its ugly head
June 19, 2007, 11:20 am
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I seem to enjoy some of the strangest luck in the world just when I need it least.

As most of you know, I’ve been “neglecting” this site in order to set up The Terminal, a daily news blog for Birmingham, Alabama (NOTE: If you are still not getting a page as you read this when you click on the link, you may see where this post is going).

Well, I had finally decided that it was time to start making a serious push for readership hoping it would lead to more writers and more content.

Well, I’ve already started inviting people to be a friend to the site on MySpace and was getting ready to complete updating Timetable, the site’s arts and culture section after an untimely keystroke yesterday. Unfortunately the bad weather at GoDaddy.com server headquarters has now made this all for naught.

I’ve checked sites that I know are hosted on their servers in addition to mine, and I can safely report that their servers are down. I’m hoping they don’t stay down too long, since every other service I’m using to publicize the site is up and running.

I can’t complain too much, since it’s run fairly safely for more than 3 months during the “beta” period. But to have it go down on the first real day of pushing it is just too ironic to not post about.

For those also wondering, this site will remain a personal site (e.g., you’ll see more pictures of me and what’s going on) and it will still have some things on Birmingham because, well, that’s why I started it. You may not see the amount of pictures on the main site that you’re used to over here because, well, the purpose is to provide information. Hopefully once I have more photographers volunteering that may change, but the purpose is information right now.

Anyhow, the vent’s over, and now I’m going to sit and wait… and wait… and wait.

Enjoy the day! (and the rain if you’re in Birmingham)



We’re test driving The Terminal (kind of)

Things have been pretty quiet over the last several weeks here at the blog. There are a few reasons for it, some of which have been mentioned in recent posts. The main reason is because of the suggested announcement that I made a few weeks ago that I was preparing to start a new website focused on Birmingham, Alabama.

The result is an extremely (and I do mean extremely) beta version of The Terminal. I’ve written a lot of stuff about things going on in town in the past few days and am beginning to repost and edit some of the posts from this site to give an idea of the types of items that The Terminal will be covering. This is far from a finished, launchable product, but I figured since many of you may feel the urge to visit the new site often after all of the bugs have been worked out, that you’d be the perfect beta group.

At some point in the next few days we’ll post all of the references as to what is exactly being used on the site, including the logo. In the meantime, I’d ask for some realistic critique of the site. I’d ask that you e-mail me your thoughts on it and the types of things and stories that you’d like to see covered to the following e-mail address:


I’ll get it, and unlike previous attempts to reach me, I’ll actually have time to answer. This is more of a labor of love than anything else; something that will talk about the good and the bad of Birmingham, but in a way that deals with solutions (or at least invites solutions) instead of pointing fingers all of the time. Comment on the posts that are already up there and bookmark the site if you feel like it. Or tell me why it’s not even in the top 100 sites you’d like to visit. There will eventually be ads on the site as well, so speak up about who you’d like to see up here. I’ll also be letting you know of some of the sites features in the coming weeks as they become operational (though some of them already are; I’d like to test drive them a bit more on my own first before turning y’all loose on them).

I think that I can finally promise an update (and a resulting flurry of posts) in the coming days about all of the recent events in the life of yours truly. Try not to get washed away too much and I’ll see you on the other side.

Enjoy the day,